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› What's a reliable way to make an iOS app crash?

I'm still laughing out lout (loling, you might say) thanks to this comment.


› How to get a job in programming?

Solid advice.

› Effortless Responsiveness with AsyncDisplayKit

Interested on using Facebook's AsyncDisplayKit on one of your apps? This talk is a must-watch.

› Behind the scenes of Monument Valley

Inspiring piece.

I talked about Functional Reactive Programming

Yesterday I gave a talk about FRP at a monthly community event hosted by the great guys over at WebDevTalks.

I've been really enjoying working with FRP (ReactiveCocoa specifically), and wanted to share some of that excitement with the community.

Head over to MobileCoder's presentations repo to download code samples, and watch the video below (my talk starts at 1:08:00, approx).

Note: the video is in spanish. Sorry.