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› Why "lazy var" is not "lazy let" in Swift?

On the Apple Developer Forums someone asked that very question and got an insightful answer from Chris Lattner:

The way to think about it is that "let" in Swift's current implementation is about physical immutability, not about logical immutability. Physical immutability means that ones the bits are set in memory (i.e. that the let value is initialized) they can never be changed.

Read the whole response here (needs an Apple Developer account).

› Swift: Increasing Performance by Reducing Dynamic Dispatch

Nifty post from the official Apple Swift blog:

In performance sensitive code [...] overhead is often undesirable. This blog post showcases three ways to improve performance by eliminating such dynamism: final, private, and Whole Module Optimization.

› I quit: what really goes on at Apple

For a company that claims to enhance people’s lives through technology – they know nothing about life. Nothing at all. I’m disheartened as I loved Apple. I loved their products and I’ve been an advocate for what the allegedly stand for. Unfortuntely I’ve seen behind their glossy and polished stainless steel exterior, I’ve walked through their frosted glass doors and seen a toxic culture of manipulation, intimidation, threats and politics that are so incongruent to the values they preach.

If this is true, its actually disappointing. Who knows.

Read it all here.

› There's great news for Apple in the negative Apple Watch reviews

Matthew Yglesias, writing at Vox.com:

For the Apple Watch to be a hit, it needs to clear two similar bars. None of today's reviews seem to dispute the idea that Apple has, in fact, made the best smartwatch around. Nor do they really seem to dispute that it could be cool to carry around a computer on your wrist. That leaves Apple in a fundamentally strong position to sell millions and millions of watches over the years.

Apple watch reviews appear

All mayor publications have published their review of the Apple Watch, to be available for customers to try on in 2 days.

So far, from what I've read, the consesus seems to be that it is really cool, but not different enough from the other smart watches out there — except for its price and maybe fashion-oriented design.

I've also read the phrase "it's not for everyone" everywhere.

3 models being available, that phrase pretty much says to me "hey, it may be made of gold, but its still a smart watch," which kind of invalidates the point of having 3 models available on the first place.

Nilay Patel, at The Verge, says that if you're going to buy an Apple Watch, go for the SPORT model: cheaper, and has the same functionality as the other models.

Certainly this is going to make big waves in the tech industry. I know this device hasn't shipped yet, but I'm really excited to see what Apple is going to do with this on its second and third revision.