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› Apple shutting down legacy TestFlight next month following iTunes Connect integration

This is impmortant news for all iOS developers.

I knew this would happen some day. I just didn't expect it to happen this soon.

› GopherGala 2015 aftermath

As I said in a blog post last week, this past weekend I participated in the GopherGala distributed hackathon.

48 hours to build something using Go. It was fun!

This is a preview of the app we built:


I'll tell you more once it's ready.

Thanks to CrowdInteractive for hoting us.

› How Foursquare Onboards New Users

This is both funny and painful at the same time. So many missed opportunities.

Foursquare used to be a cool social network. You competed with your friends to become a places' mayor. It was fun!

Then, they went bananas and said "no, no, let's break into two separate apps and strip all the fun of our product."

I don't know anyone today that uses Foursquare as much as they used to.

› How Duolingo Onboards New Users

Enjoy this piece, please.

Two things here:

  1. I myself am a Duolingo user, and can testify on how good their onboarding experience is.
  2. www.useronboard.com has now become one of my favorite sites on the Internet.

› Building NSNotificationCenter from scratch using Swift

Excellent Friday Q&A post from Mike Ash.

This guy rocks.