These are the projects that I've worked on. Take a look, and feel free to ask anything.


  • Best Practices for Developing iOS Apps with Swift [EN, ES]
    Spanish version due late September. English version due late October.


    Job board that crated I to help iOS Developers in Mexico/Latam and recruiters find each other more easily. I wrote it using Elixir/Phoenix.

Open Source Code


  • SwiftyOpenPay
    I wrote this small client to communicate with OpenPay's API, since their ObjC client was really outdated. Wrote it with Swift 2.1, have yet to update it to Swift 3.
  • PTModel
    PTModel is a simple object store for iOS applications. It lets you persist data locally, without the hassle of dealing with other more complex (and powerful) libraries.
  • P3Foundation
    This is PFoundation's evolution to use Swift 3.
  • P3UIKit
    This is PUIKIt's evolution to use Swift 3.
  • P3NetworkKit
    This is PNetworkKit's evolution to use Swift 3.


  • PFoundation
    This is my wrapper around Foundation classes and contains many utilities that I reuse constantly.

  • PUIKit
    My wrapper around Apple's UIKit, in the same fashion as PFoundation.

  • PNetworkKit
    Set of utility classes built on top of PFoundation that make network tasks a breeze.