Joystiq being shut down

Rumors arised this morning that AOL is shutting down Joystiq. We can expect the official announcement any time now.

Meanwhile, Joystiq itself is reporting on this. On their own awesome way.

It’s awful when people lose their jobs… but hey, you’ve gotta see the bright side.

› GopherGala 2015 aftermath

As I said in a blog post last week, this past weekend I participated in the GopherGala distributed hackathon.

48 hours to build something using Go. It was fun!

This is a preview of the app we built:


I’ll tell you more once it’s ready.

Thanks to CrowdInteractive for hoting us.

› How Foursquare Onboards New Users

This is both funny and painful at the same time. So many missed opportunities.

Foursquare used to be a cool social network. You competed with your friends to become a places’ mayor. It was fun!

Then, they went bananas and said “no, no, let’s break into two separate apps and strip all the fun of our product.”

I don’t know anyone today that uses Foursquare as much as they used to.