This neat article from the team at Redbooth describes how they came to a conclusion that has been catching up with the community lately: slide-out menus are not functional.

Sure, they were once very popular thanks to high-profile players such as Facebook incorporating them into their apps. But with a cost: usability issues.

Facebook has since then removed the slide-out navigation from its main iOS app, leaving only a slide-out panel for Messenger, which I think is okay for that purpose.

Redbooth decided to investigate the issue of their apps losing traction amongst their users. Turns out, a simpler approach is better in most cases, including this one.

Personally here’s why I’ve decided to not use a hamburger menu again in any of my personal projects:

  • Why hide something two taps away when it would be perfectly possible to access it with just one tap?
  • Keep the design simple, and intuitive.
  • The tab-bar interface is already built into iOS.