Why you can't delete an app from iTunes Connect

I hacked a Swift app in the past few hours. Submitted to beta testers, made some changes, and now I’m ready to send it to the App Store.

However, I decided that I didn’t like the name I used for the beta. So… being me, I not only want to change the actual Bundle name on Info.plist, I also want to change the App ID, Bundle Identifier, etc…

I said to myself: “self, why have that app sitting in iTunes Connect if you’re not going to use it?”

So, I went to iTunes Connect, selected the app I had set up for beta distribution… and started to look for the “Delete” button. Without success.

I removed all my builds. Turned off beta testing. Removed all my beta testers. Signed out. Signed in. Refreshed.

Still no Delete button.

Turns out…


I am following up with you about the deletion of your app, “XXX”. Recent changes have been made to the App Delete feature. In order to delete your app from iTunes Connect, you must now have one approved version before the delete button becomes available. For more information on the recent changes, please see the “Deleting an App” section of the iTunes Connect Guide (page 96-97):

Oh, Apple, Apple…

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