› Facebook just taught us all how to build websites

I really enjoyed reading this post.

Facebook trully is deeply impacting how we build (and will be building) things on the web (and now, on mobile).

My personal experience is more on the back-end side of the web, creating and developing web services that my mobile apps consume.

When you search Google for “how to do X” (on the front-end) on web, you’ll find probably a dozen of answers on StackOverflow on how to do that exact thing you want to do.


The problem: each one of those solutions involves using a different JavaScript framework.

(I pretty much think you can search Google for <insert_noun_here>JS and find a nice website telling you why you should use that specific framework.)

By no means I declare myself a web developer. I’m not. If I say I’ve written 200 lines of JavaScript I’d probably been giving me too much credit.

I do have an itch for doing something on the web sometime, an rather sooner than later. If I were to start something on the web today, I’d consider React.js as my framework of choice to help me with the front-end shores.

Why? As they suggest on their docs, I gave it five minutes. And I kind of liked it.

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