Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

The Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard

I ordererd this beauty almost 2 weeks ago from Amazon. It finally got here today and I’ve been using it today all day.

So far, its been awesome.

I decided to order this one after, 3 or so weeks ago, while at the Gophergala hackathon, I got to try this same model (it was a tammate’s).

I had been looking for an ergonomic keyboard to replace my Apple Wireless keyboard that I’ve been using for the past year — I’m a big guy, and I have to do some slight contortionism in order for my hands to fit correctly. That had recently led to my wrists huring a little bit.

First impressions

I love the design so much. The palm-rest area is made of a soft material, it doesn’t make my hands sweat, which is great. The mouse, although is funny-looking, unlike the keyboard itself (to me), feels really comfortable in my hand too.

I really love the keys and how they feel. The feedback they provide is great, too.

After a couple of hours with it I can type at my normal speed again, which is great. It took less than anticipated to get used to it.

I never thought I could enjoy a Microsoft product so much.

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