› objc.io Issue #22: iOS at Scale

I love posts and videos that share a little bit about how big thech companies distribute their resources and how they implement their workflows to develop and ship apps.

On the latest issue of objc.io, a bunch of developers at big companies share exactly that. There is a lot to learn from these kind of posts.

› The Boring Choice

Chris Eidhof, writing at his blog:

The cool kids seem to be doing Go and Elixir these days. It’d have been lots of fun. However, I went for one of the most boring choices: Ruby on Rails.

With Haskell, there would have been a decent chance that I would be the only one even being able to build the project. With Rails, none of the people we work with had to learn anything new: they were productive immediately.

I used Rails for a while, then migrated to Go months ago. And I’ve been using it full time since then.

Learning Go was exciting and fun, but it came with its challenges. However, from my experience, the Go community is as (or more) willing to help newcomers as the Rails community.

(Also, I find writing Go more fun than writing RoR.)

› Linus Trovalds congratulates the Android Calendar dev team on update

On his post, he starts with:

This is the team that thought that it was a good idea to introduce the “google calendar week” – that special five-day week that starts at random points in the old-fashioned 7-day calendar.

And finishes with:

Guys, you looked immensely stupid there for a while. But today I got a calendar update, and the weeks are seven days again, and pinch-to-zoom works again.


› Consulting

After more 14 hour days than I’d like to remember, I also wanted a more relaxed pace of life. Tired of seeing my bank account take a beating for nearly a year straight, income was welcome too. Keeping my brain active and in exercise was another priority.

Great piece of advise for those who are even remotely thinking about taking the hard path: consulting.

› Apple Watch Price Leaked

The chinese site iapps.im claims to have a hold of some marketing material that confirms what we all expected: The WATCH EDITION edition will cost a lot.

Here are the prices:



  1. $349 for the 38mm model
  2. $379 for the 42mm model

Space Grey:

  1. $399 for the 38mm model
  2. $429 for the 42mm model

Extra bands available for $49.


Silver (Stainless Steel, Black Leather Strap):

  1. $649 for the 38mm model
  2. $749 for the 42mm model

Silver (Stone, Blue or Brown Leather Loop):

  1. $749 for the 42mm model

Extra bands available for $99.


Yellow 18K Gold (Midnight Blue Classic Leather with Yellow Gold Pin):

  1. $6,999 for the 38mm model
  2. $7,999 for the 42mm model

Yellow/Rose 18K Gold (Rose Gray or Red Modern Leather strap with Yellow Gold Pin):

  1. $7,999 for the 38mm model

Bands not sold separately, only replacements available.

A few thoughts on this, having this leak being accurate:

  1. The WATCH SPORT is obviously the most affordable version of the product, and the fact that it is going to be available in Space Gray color will make a it a much more compelling configuration for a lot of people. I’m seriously considering this one now.

  2. The WATCH (Stainless Steel one) starts at $649. Which is great, since I was expecting it to start at $999. It is interesting that they’re limiting the Stone, Blue and Light Brown Leather Loops to the 42mm version.

  3. The WATCH EDITION, as expected, will cost well over $5,000, just as Gruber and others speculated. It jumps to my attention that the bands for the WATCH EDITION are not going to be sold separately — only replacements are available. Also, this solves the mistery regarding the Digital Crown accent color that arised a while back (1, 2). The color of the Digital Crown’s accent will always match the one with your band. If you get tired of wearing red, too bad.

  4. I expect, as pretty much everyone else, the Stainless Steel version to be the most popular among american consumers, and the EDITION edition to be the most popular in asian markets.

  5. The WATCH SPORT Space Gray version looks sexy to me. I’m sure its going to be wildly popular.

  6. To me, Apple is clear that Apple is going to strongly market the WATCH EDITION to female consumers. The Rose Gold version is only going to be available in a 38mm configuration, with Rose Gray and Red Leather Straps available for it. The 42mm version will only be available with a Midnight Blue Leather Strap, which to me gives the device a much more serious look — ideal for a business man.

  7. I wonder what the deal is going to be when the second revision for the WATCH comes out. If the EDITION edition costs 10x the Stainless Steel version, will it become obsolete at the same time the Stainless Steel version? Will the interior of these watches be replacable? I assume, as with every other Apple product, they’re going to make it thinner with each revision. If not, will they focus on giving the watch more battery life with each version?

March 9 is the day Apple is going to officialy reveal the prices for the WATCH. Let’s find if this leak was right.