Month: April 2015

› I quit: what really goes on at Apple

For a company that claims to enhance people’s lives through technology – they know nothing about life. Nothing at all. I’m disheartened as I loved Apple. I loved their products and I’ve been an advocate for what the allegedly stand for. Unfortuntely I’ve seen behind their glossy and polished stainless steel exterior, I’ve walked through…

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Apple watch reviews appear

All mayor publications have published their review of the Apple Watch, to be available for customers to try on in 2 days. So far, from what I’ve read, the consesus seems to be that it is really cool, but not different enough from the other smart watches out there — except for its price and…

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› The Secret History of the Apple Watch

Great piece from David Pierce at Wired. The business implications are important to Apple, of course, but the problem the Watch aims to solve is legitimately important outside of Cupertino. If the Watch is successful, it could impact our relationship with our devices. Technology distracts us from the things we should pay the most attention…

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