Coda 2 for iOS

Panic’s incredible app got a major update today. Coda 2 for iOS (formerly Diet Coda) is available with an all-new design, and much more power than ever.

Only $9.99.

Get it.


The world’s first swim app on the Apple Watch

Read here. Incredibly interesting story on how an app to keep track of your swimming data using the Apple Watch is being developed.

Unfortunately, the app won’t be available until (probably) the next Apple Watch is released.

Really good read.

How Much Does an Experienced Programmer Use Google

I often hear people say that “a good programmer doesn’t need to Google how to do stuff.”

I’ve found that to be completely false (on every professional field).

This post got me thinking. I’m not gonna lie that sometimes I’ve thought that exact same thing: “I should know this by now,” and then punish myself for not knowing what in my mind “I should know by now.”

What I’ve learned as I’ve gained more and more experience writing software, is that it’s ok to not know everything. What is important is that you know what tools are at your disposal, and how to use them. Ultimately, that’s what empowers you.