The Parse SDK is now open source

Parse announced today that their iOS/OS X and Android SDKs are now open-source. They also wrote a nice blog post explaining some of the core issues that these SDKs face while being developed.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to take a look at what one of (of not the) best team(s) doing mobile development builds, behind the scenes.

Read the post here.

Think twice before adding a 3rd-party lib to your project

I wanted to rant about adding how adding third-party frameworks to our code has become the default and how bad that is and how we’re all going to have to deal with broken code…but I found a more productive way to communicate the same thing.

I’ve been feeling this same way for a while now. While CocoaPods and Carthage certainly aim to make our lives easier, I’m finding myself trying to integrate third-party code into my projects as little as possible.

However, there are times that the saner approach is just to do pod install. Here are some tips to help you decide wether doing that is worth it or not.

New beginning

Last week I decided to leave the company I had been working for for 17 months to move on to something else.

I’m pretty excited for what’s to come in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue enjoying my trip through Singapore as I’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks — that’s until tomorrow, when I’ll fly to Tokyo for a brief stay before returning back home.

P.S.: I fucking love this country! Someday I’d like to move here.

P.P.S.: here are some pictures from my trip (all of them, of course, #ShotOniPhone6).

Partial view of the courthouse building, or as I call it, the "S'pore UFO"

Walking through Chinatown

In Chinatown, too, visiting the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Looking up to the Marina Bay Sands (which is fancypants)

The Singapore's view from the Marina Bay Sand's pond at dawn

I took a ride on the Singapore Flyer at night and enjoyed one of the most beautiful views I've had the pleasure to witness.