Swift blog: Why is my Hashable implementation crashing on an iPhone 4s?

Today I found what I thought of as a bug that had me scratching my head for about an hour.

My app ran just perfectly on my iPhone 6S Plus. However, when I sent a build to my designer for him to do proper testing, it always crashed on the same spot.

Ran it on the iPhone 4s simulator and the crash looked like this:

No output on the console nor the debugger. Tried to run instruments to catch the crash, with no luck.

Did a bit of research, and finally got to the official Swift documentation.

Using overflow operators (&+, &-, &*) fixes the issue:

public var hashValue: Int {
    return firstValue &+ secondValue

Numbers can overflow in both the positive and negative direction.

Which is exactly what may happen if you run your app on a 32 bit device, as the iPhone 4s and 5.

So, heads up! Make sure you do proper testing!

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