Month: June 2016

Developer Insights, from Apple

With all the chatter around making a living on the App Store, and the recent changes to the App Store subscription model for apps, it seems that Apple is now trying to tell us how to create a successful business on top of their platforms. This one is definitely worth a read.

Swift 3 Migration issues

This is a post that I’ll be updating continuously with all the bumps that I find on the way while developing with Swift 3 and iOS 10. CloudKit’s database fetchAll methods are missing annotations on Swift 3 Swift 3 API design guidelines favor clarity over brevity. To accomplish that, many of the API’s that we…

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Updating my codebases to Swift 3

Apple officially released the first beta of Xcode 8 this past Monday, which includes Swift 2.3 (an updated version of the language to work with the new APIs on iOS 10 and macOS 10.12), and Swift 3, the latest big release for the language. Swift 3 basically breaks your project. If you’re writing Swift and…

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