Apple starts rejecting apps with “hot code push” features

This thread from Apple’s Developer Forums is making some waves on the internets today. Apparently, they’re now rejecting apps that include code that can modify your app after it’s released to the store. seems to be the SDK that’s setting the alarm off, so far.

If you use, or another “push code after you release to the store” service, it’s time to start thinking about changing your strategy. (clears throat I told you).

From‘s FAQ:

Does Rollout comply to Apple’s Guidelines?

Yes. As per Apple’s official guidelines, does NOT alter binaries. Rollout uses JavascriptCore to add logic to your patches. For more details, check out how Rollout is compliant with App Store guidelines.

I wouldn’t build my business on such a fine line.

And also, please don’t act surprised when Apple start rejecting React Native apps down the road.

The moral of the story: stay away from JavaScript.

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