I really enjoy talking in public and sharing information about topics that I care about.
In the past, I’ve been really lucky to have been able to participate in conferences and meetups both in Mexico and in the US. The gist of most of those talks are presented in this archive.
If you’d like to invite me to talk at your event, please get in touch.

Objective-C & Swift: Interoperability Tips and Tricks

I had the honor of being invited by the iOS team of Wizeline to present at a Wizeline Academy event in Mexico City. This time, I spoke about Objective-C and Swift interoperability — tips and tricks to make sure we’re leveraging the best features of both languages: the safety features that Swift offers, and the flexibility that Objective-C has, without sacrificing code clarity or solution quality.

What Lies Under the Syntax Sugar

In this talk I explore the similarities and differences in the implementations of the 3 programming languages that I use the most these days: Objective-C, Swift and Elixir. This talk is a deep dive into what goes behind the scenes when code is compiled.

4 Characteristics of Good iOS App Design

I presented before a group of designers about how to design good iOS applications with the final user in mind. In this presentation, I went through the building blocks of what makes an iOS application design good.
The video is available here. And the audio here. This presentation was given in spanish.

Becoming a Better iOS Developer Through Tooling

I had the amazing opportunity to speak at AltConf 2017, just a few feet away from WWDC, in San José, California. I talked about how and why you sohuld invest in your toolset in order to become a better iOS developer.

Mejores Prácitcas Para el Desarrollo de Aplicaciones iOS con Swift

The NSCoder México meetup organisers kindly invited me to their monthly gathering in Mexico City to talk about iOS App Development Best Practices using Swift (this was the topic that I based my book on).

Architecting iOS Apps for Fun and Profit

In this talk I described how I approached the architectural design for Reserbus’ new iOS application, and how I took advantage of several of Swift’s features to make sure the ongoing develpoment of the app wouldn’t be a problem.

Android Elements & Design Patterns

During my brief affair with Android, a few years ago, I spoke briefly about Android Elements and Design Patterns to a group of girls attending the Codificadas (Women Who Code Colima) meetup. In the talk, which whas meant as an introduction to Android app design, I spoke about the different approaches in design between iOS and Android, why doing a “one design for every platform” is a bad idea, and how to leverage the default elements that Android provides to express your app’s identity.

Functional Reactive Programming

Talk given February 18, 2015, at WDT. Code Samples & Downloads
Functional Reactive Programming 101: why I tried FRP and why I fell in love with it.

The New Objective-C, a Swifter approach

Talk given December 10, 2014, at WDT. Code Samples & Downloads
A practical introduction to Swift for Objective-C and non-Objective-C programmers.

Using Parse to Extend Your iOS App

One of the first talks I gave at WDT. I talked about how you could leverage Parse to add new functionality to your iOS application.